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Get clarity, confidence & communication skills to make your next move

It is no coincidence you are here - welcome. 

Whether you are looking to make your next move in your career or business - but not sure on your next steps?

Whether you want to have more confidence in your ability to communicate your message with impact and results?

Whether you are looking to launch your brand or course on stage, podcast or online - but don't know where to start?

That is where I come in. 

I invite you to read on to see how  I can help you reach your full potential and start your bespoke journey to success today.


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I have been training, mentoring and coaching for over a decade now, impacting thousands of people's lives, because I am passionate about helping individuals and organisations reach their full potential.


My customised and blended coaching plus mentoring approach is tailored to each client's unique needs and goals, and I am committed to delivering results that make a lasting impact.

If you're looking to accelerate your career or business, improve your leadership skills, or enhance your team's performance, I am here to help. Let's work together to unlock your potential and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Throughout the coaching you will improve skills in the following areas and more: 

  • Leadership

  • Motivation

  • Inspiration

  • Sales

  • Physical presentation

  • Online delivery

  • Presentation structures

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Life vision, drive and motivation

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Get Started Now

6 month coaching package

For a Limited Time Only: 50% off sale - Investment down from £6,000 to just £3,000


Driving Innovation

Catherine believes in partnerships, not transactions. With this approach, Catherine works tirelessly to ensure that all clients get the proper tools and strategies for growth that their business needs.

Joinavision review


Valued Client

"Catherine's expertise and advice has been invaluable to Kazia and I at Joinavision. She's made us see how important it is to get our algorithms right as well as giving us some great tips on presenting skills. Creating good podcasts is not an easy road to take but one that is very rewarding if you're keen on stretching yourself and taking constructive criticism. Catherine is a great person to have on your side as she's passionate about helping you create a successful podcast. She always has your back and we're very lucky to have her help and knowledge." 

The Programme

The coaching programme has been designed to maximise your development early on, with continued growth over 6 months to embed your new path, skills and knowledge. 

First week:
Half day 1:1 coaching 
Getting to know your goals, plans, experience and level and providing actionable knowledge and advice for you to implement straight away.

Second week:
1 hour 1:1 online, coaching session
Assessing progress and providing feedback to continue to level-up your skills.

Third week:
2 hour 1:1 online, coaching session 
Another in-depth session to finalise a plan for the next six months and years to come.

Fourth week:
1 hour 1:1 online, coaching session
Checking in on progress, ensuring the plan is motivating action and developing further skills.

Month 2 to Month 6:
Monthly, online group coaching sessions
Together with other professionals taking their skills, careers and businesses to the next level, continue to learn to move towards your goal and get your specific questions answered.

6 months of coaching to level-up your career or business, delivered to you personally by Catherine Turner, with over 10 years experience of:

  • Public speaking

  • In person and online training

  • In-person and online coaching and mentoring

  • Online sales events from small audiences to large (over 500)

  • In person sales events to rooms of 10 people to conferences of over 3,000 people

  • Launching a podcast to reach the number 1 business podcast on Apple podcasts in 3 hours



Get Started Now

6 month coaching package

For a limited time only: 50% off sale - Investment down from £6,000 to just £3,000


Straight From the Source

What do Catherine's previous clients say about her? Browse through some client testimonials below to get a better idea of the kind of service you’ll receive when you partner with Catherine.

Alex Szepietowski review

Alex Szepietowski - Abundance Coach

3.2 views of his Tedx Talk + creating 200+leads & generating £20k from his 1st webinar following his talk

"I called Catherine the day before I was scheduled to give my TEDx talk. I knew very little of TEDx talks, and she did a great job of not worrying me, but gently letting me know that this was a much bigger deal/opportunity than I was present to! Without any speaker training, she helped me structure the message I wanted to share. My talk 'Design Your Dream Life Through Passive Income' has gone on to have millions of views, and has been a hugely beneficial asset building my abundance & property investment training businesses.
Having had a lot of experience speaking on stages and webinars of all different sizes, and on many different subjects - Catherine will be able to add value to many looking to upgrade their speaking skills. In addition to her knowledge, she is also a genuinely lovely person and has her clients best interest at heart with everything she does. Thank you !! "

Sebastian Siemianowski_edited.jpg

Sebastian Siemianowski - Technology Expert, Cognitive - Behavioural - Hypnotherapy Consultant - Digital Nomad 

"I had the privilege of being mentored by Catherine Turner and the experience was life-changing. She provided me with the guidance, support, and encouragement I needed to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful entrepreneur.
Catherine Turner's unparalleled level of expertise and passion for helping others succeed was evident in every aspect of her mentorship. She shared invaluable advice that was tailored to my individual needs and goals, and she always went the extra mile to ensure I was on the right track. Her willingness to answer my questions, provide personalised feedback, and offer constructive criticism was essential in helping me gain the confidence and skills I need to succeed. Catherine Turner's mentorship made an incredible difference in my life. It has helped me to think more creatively and strategically, to be more confident in my decision-making, and to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. I am truly grateful for her support, and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a mentor who will make a positive and lasting impact."

IMG_0459 4_edited.jpg

​Paul Sheppard Host of the Mindset Change podcast

Top 1% podcast globally

"Catherines coaching has been an essential part of my podcast growth over the past year. Her support, encouragement expertise and accountability has been able to help me increase my listener numbers by 50% and take my podcast into the top 1% globally.   The opportunities that have come from Catherines coaching has been incredible and I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to elevate their business to even higher than before.” 


500 Terry Francois Street, 6th Floor. San Francisco, CA 94158


Confident Businesswoman
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Get Started Now

6 month coaching package

Spring sale - Investment down from £6,000 to just £3,000

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